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It is our vision to give all children
a balance of academic and recreational activities.
Through our unique approach of
"Balanced Learning"
we believe children will be provided with the
"Right Amount of Everything"
to enrich a child's academic and recreational needs.
Activities that promote
"Fun through Learning"
will also encourage development in skills that foster
Caring, Communication and Creativity (3Cs.)

Our mission is to offer quality educational and recreational
opportunities in a culturally diverse environment
as a way to give back to the community. 
We strive to offer "high yield" learning that promises to be fun,
engaging and developmentally appropriate so that
as children are engaged in these activities, learning will occur naturally.
With the educational standards on the rise,
children need a way to relieve their stress
through recreational and leisurely activities. 
By providing electives, such as, arts and crafts, fine arts/drawing
and team sports, we feel the children will have
an outlet to direct their focus on something more fun.

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