Keeping everyone safe 


In compliance with DOE Health Standards, as well as our own extensive health & safety protocol, we will ensure that our campers and staff will stay safe as we all recover from the COVID pandemic.

Staying Safe Together

By following our simple health procedures

Clean Facility

Regular, scheduled cleaning of the school and all of our property. Staff will be assigned stations and will be expected to keep their areas clean. 

Social Distancing

Limiting class sizes makes sure proper social distance can be maintained, reducing risk of transmission.

Masks are Mandatory

Face coverings are required for every staff and camper that attends our program. Extra PPE will be on site and ready for any child or staff that needs one.

Frequent Handwashing

Disinfecting stations will also be readily available.

Daily Scheduled Temperature Checks

We will have daily temperature readings at the door, as well as comprehensive contact tracing.

Stay Informed

With our new notification system, you will receive up to the minute updates on everything going on, as well as your remote pickup schedule.
2021 Leaders Safety Plan

1. Clean Facility

2. Social Distancing

3. Mandatory Face Coverings

4. Frequent Handwashing

5. Daily Scheduled Temperature Checks

6. Up-To-The Minute Updates

7. Class Sizes Capped At 15 Campers Per Grade

8. Exclusive Access To PS.107


Our Daily Procedure:

Staff come in to wipe down facility (desks, door handles, etc.)

8:30-9 A.M

Campers are dropped off with staggered drop off times in the playground. Their daily morning temperature is taken and logged.

9-12 P.M

Campers will be in small, spaced out classrooms for academics where they will also stay for breakfast and lunch. Temperature is taken once more after morning classes.

12-1 P.M

Campers will be allowed outside into sectioned off portions of the schoolyard for recess. Staff will monitor each area to make sure each group stays within their section.

1 -3 P.M

Campers will be led to their social distance friendly afternoon activities. Staff will wipe down and disinfect after each session.

3-4 P.M

Dismissal will take place in the school playground while each campers’ parent or guardian is notified of their pick up time. Staff will deep clean the facility in preparation for the coming day.